Innovation such as like Alfa Real Estate Group.

The real estate group as you may see from their name consists of several enterprises. To get information about its history we have to go back as far as 1995 in time. The Alfa Real Estate Groups first venture was founded in November, 1995, named Immo-Contact Kft.(Ltd.) (Immo-Contact Rt.(Corp.) later on), indicating maintenance and reconstruction of buildings as their main sphere of activity.

Among the 11 buildings belonging to the group the office building at 8 Szentkirályi Str. Budapest, was the first property acquired by the company in November, 1995. The building known as the Szentkirályi House was, however, the only first step for the Real Estate Group. The proprietors have found this type of investment profitable and came up with a new idea and tried their luck in the hotel business. The Hotel Fiesta was acquired by I.P.M. Kft. In October 1999, had been founded only 2 months earlier with the main sphere of activity of real estate investment.

Two further enterprises and 5 real estate properties were added to the group in the course of 1999-2000. By the end of 2001 6 enterprises and 9 buildings belonged to the Alfa Real Estate Group, with the total space of 55.320 square metres to lease out. The Alfa Group reached their present structure in June, 2003 when they bought the warehouse of  12.414 square metres located at 15 Akadály Str. Budapest, from Danubius Logisztik Rt.

Summarizing the overall years the group has reached their present structure expanding from one-firm enterprise to a group of firms that owns an area amounting to more than 86.000. square metres.

Innovation, highlighted in our philosophy, gets the main role in the maintenance and development of the 11 self owned houses. Our preliminary aim is to characterize our cooperation, with maximal and full supply. In order to increase the service efficiency, we are concerned to implement a long partner relationship.

We ensure You to deliver the fastest and most informative reference on our properties with the collaboration of our qualified and experienced consultants.


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